Here’s the new WOMEN sketch called EDITED


This is important. 


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On New Years Eve I made what I thought was a harmless joke http://dailym.ai/1crNs71

Here is my response:

Well hello America!

It’s been a busy few days but rest assured, I have received all of your messages and have been busy…

Doing this was a lot of fun.


The Grawlix S02 - Rejected “Space Cops” Auditions

I got to act in a video by the amazing comedy team called The Grawlix, along with some other incredibly funny people.

Here's why all this Diane in 7A nonsense gets my goat.



First and foremost, the story is completely fictional. Think about it for two seconds: the lady gets in everyone’s face on the airplane EXCEPT the guy who antagonizes her, to whom she writes a perfectly well-thought-out and easily-photographable note? Wouldn’t 7A be a window seat, and in that…


Hey, hey, LA friends.  Go to this show.  I’ll be there. 



Performance Anxiety is a bi-weekly comedy show at The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood! For $7, you get FREE BEER, FREE PARKING*, AND 15% OFF YOUR IN-STORE PURCHASE! We’re back on Tuesday, November 12th at 8pm, with a doozy of a line-up:

Eddie Pepitone
TJ Miller
Bil Dwyer
Hasan Minhaj

Dave Ross: The Antichrist.



Hello friends. Thank you for your attention. What I am about to tell you, I am not proud of, but I cannot keep it to myself any longer. The weight of this terrible truth has driven me to madness and deep depression, and it has left me questioning my strength of character. I am but a shell of…

Scrumptious: Willamette Week and stand-up comedy.


For a long time I thought the Willamette Week simply had a stand-up comedy problem. You couldn’t really fault them for having a stand-up comedy problem. They’re a fantastic newspaper, but even for fantastic newspapers the resources are stretched frustratingly thin. There just isn’t enough staff…

#brainboxupdate: Open mike. Where you work on stuff.


I was unreasonably mad and disappointed at myself last night after open mike. Because my newish jokes didn’t kill. Oh Jackie. Heh. You so silly. Chock full of selfish pride and outrageous belief in my own skills to do well with jokes that are the sort that DO & WILL need months of work, I was…

What Jealousy And Bitterness Can Do For Your Comedy Career


Jealousy and bitterness exist in just about every pursuit, and especially artistic ones. I can only speak from a comedian’s perspective, but I’ve watched it ruin people. I believe that if you are going to pursue stand up comedy as a career, you have to understand that there is no clear cut path to “making it.” You can’t let yourself think that paying dues leads to anything except the lessons and experiences that you take away. You can’t start believing that another person’s success is your failure. You can’t become so jaded that you write off the entire industry because of a few perceived injustices. There’s always someone who has more of a right to complain than you do and chooses not to. Falling into cynicism about things outside of your control can poison everything you do and derail you from honing your craft, which is always THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

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