A Real Nail Biter: Thank you for being a friend ( or friends)

If you are in the Denver area (or any area really), you have some sweet O blood, and want to part with a kidney.  (Who needs two, you greedy assholes) you should look into donating one of them to a very good friend & hilarious stand-up/improviser named Mara Wiles.  She’s a delight, and if I didn’t have stupid A+ blood (only thing I’ve ever gotten an A+ in AM I RIGHT?) she would have dibs on mine.  It goes without saying that if you live out of state and plan to donate you will be compensated for your journey and then some!


First things first, Thank you! Thank all of you who have reached out and shown me support in someway. I have been overwhelmed by kind words and gestures and I can’t thank you enough. If we threw a party and invited everyone you knew the biggest gift might not be from me but I am sure you would…